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Game of Life

Built with 🦀🕸 by The Rust and WebAssembly Working Group


This template is designed for depending on NPM packages that contain Rust-generated WebAssembly and using them to create a Website.

🚴 Usage

npm init wasm-app

🔋 Batteries Included

  • .gitignore: ignores node_modules
  • LICENSE-APACHE and LICENSE-MIT: most Rust projects are licensed this way, so these are included for you
  • README.md: the file you are reading now!
  • index.html: a bare bones html document that includes the webpack bundle
  • index.js: example js file with a comment showing how to import and use a wasm pkg
  • package.json and package-lock.json:
  • webpack.config.js: configuration file for bundling your js with webpack


Licensed under either of

at your option.